Hello everyone!!

you have reached the “about me” section of my “wordpress site”.
This means you all want 2 know a bit ‘at least’ about me(a newbie to blogging world via wordpress!!).
So here i am before you “SUMIT PATHAK” a sudent of the reputed COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, G.B.P.U.A & T PANTNAGAR pursuing my bachelors degree(B.Tech) in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENGG.

I wasn’t very much into this blogging stuff right from the beginning but what made me blog was the thought to be a part of the HUGE ongoing ‘information flow process’ through the World Wide Web.
Web has now emerged as an effective means to connect each and every individual in some way or other with people whether they belong to their own community or some other.

This huge information flow across net made me competent enough to learn from the very basics to achieve a commendable level today and widened my knowledge regarding various technological advancements in the ‘internet’.
Through my blog space i just want to be a part of this ENORMOUS SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE and be among others who in the best way help the people out there to clarify their doubts, to make them have sound knowledge of the basics of web based programming skills(using PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, javascript/jQuery etc) and for my BEST INTEREST to ‘learn from others’.



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